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Planning Music for Your Wedding Ceremony

A Touch of Class Ensembles has been performing wedding ceremonies and other events since 1981. We are experts at creating the perfect musical atmosphere for your wedding, as well as providing the assistance you need in choosing your music selections. 

Ceremonies vary depending on religious and/or cultural affiliation, size of wedding party, and site of ceremony (outdoors/house of worship/private home, etc.). Below is an example of a “standard” wedding. Following this example, is a sample of a Catholic wedding mass, which typically contains more areas in which you can use music.


This is the time for guests to be seated, usually 15-20 minutes prior to the start of your wedding. If your wedding is called for 6:00 p.m. – we would start the prelude at 5:45 p.m. We can play a variety of music from our repertoire, or you may select some or all of the selections.

Seating of the Parents

You may select a special piece for the parents/grandparents – or they can enter to the Prelude music. Some clients choose to have these family members included with the music for the bridal party.

Bridal Party Entrance

Music for the attendants begins immediately after the parents are seated. There may or may not be an aisle runner. If there is, and it is not already set in place, the ushers will come forward to unroll the runner. The entrance music can start at this point.
The groomsmen can either emerge from the front or can walk down in pairs with the bridesmaids. Flower girls/ring bearers are also be considered a part of the bridal party.
Suggested music can be “soft and sweet” such as Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major” or a march such as “Trumpet Voluntary” by Clarke.

Bride’s Entrance

Depending on the length of the aisle, number of people in the bridal party, and the level of drama desired by the bride – it is at this point – the bride’s entrance, that the music will change. If, for instance, there is a very short aisle, coupled with a small bridal party, it may be better to play only one entrance piece, raising the volume when the bride enters. 

You can pair a march for the bridal party with a “soft/sweet” piece for the bride, reverse this order, or do two of the same (march for both bridal party and bride; soft/sweet music for both as well). It depends on the effect you desire. For example: starting with “soft/sweet” music for the bridal party and ending with a march for the bride, or the contrary.

Some suggestions for the bride’s entrance music:

* Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major;
* J. S. Bach’s Airioso or Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring;
* Wagner’s Bridal Chorus;
* Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary;
* Purcell’s Trumpet Tune

Incidental Music

Candle-lighting, flowers to the mothers, meditation music, music between readings, special solo. 


A happy, fast-paced piece. We can play one piece as the bridal party is exiting, and then change pieces for the guests to exit.

Some suggestions:

* Mendelssohn's "Wedding March";
* Haendel's "Allegro" from the "Water Music" or
"Le Rejouissance";
* Mouret's "Rondeau"

Catholic Ceremonies